Monday, May 10, 2010

Best based-on-a-true-story title ever?

Normally, I tune out when I hear "based on a true story." It becomes so much easier to predict the outcome of the film when you know that. Oh, what's that? A true story about a woman who sues a company? I wonder if she wins. What's that? A sports story? I wonder if they win or at least come close heroically? And so and on and so on. I will admit that the following movie about reformed drug dealer who becomes a preacher and then takes on rebel forces in Africa sounded interesting to me right away. Why? Because it has the greatest title for a true story ever: Machine Gun Preacher. Um, hell yes. Sounding a little bit like Hobo With A Shotgun, which I do not believe to be a true story, this title instantly spoke to me. Then I found out that said preacher would be this guy:
And that his wife would be this lady:
Yeah, so Gerard Butler and Michelle Monaghan playing real-life ex-cons who clean themselves up for Jesus only to take on child slavers in Sudan? Yeah, I'm good with that. Sure, it's no Blind Side, but I'm in.

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