Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Colin Farrell's world, we just live in it

David Cronenberg is a visionary filmmaker who is suddenly becoming a prolific visionary filmmaker. He's currently making A Dangerous Method, with these guys:

I can only hope for her sake does not involve a steam bath with Viggo because that would not work out well for her mental state. Cronenberg has decided to roll full steam ahead setting up a new project while working on this project with the following folks:

That's right, even though he looks like he wants to say "shhh" in the image above, Farrell is screaming about his career right now, as Variety is reporting that these two are going to star in the adaptation of Cosmopolis, which is about an asset manager who loses all his wealth over the course of one day. He must not be a very good asset manager, because all those other dudes on Wall Street lost a ton of money in 5 minutes last week. This is interesting to me because what I remember of Cronenberg is all body horror and weird; it's all The Fly and Crash (the one about people borking after car crashes, not the one that wants us all to sing kumbaya after finding racial harmony) in my memory. Now Cronenberg is Eastern Promises and A History of Violence. So, basically, he went from body parts falling off to Viggo Mortensen showing clearly that his body parts have not fallen off (yep, that's a second Mortensen showing his no-no joke in one post, happy FRIDAY!). I find the latter Cronenberg actually more compelling, even though many of my peers would disagree. Then again, who are my peers? Dudes with blogs making Viggo Mortensen peen jokes? We're a rare breed.

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