Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 33)

Ladies and gentlemen, the most amazing thing has happened. No, Kevin Costner has not volunteered to plug the oil leak with his body. No, something even better. Someone after years of me begging has contacted me at, asked for my address, and sent me stuff. Yeah, you read that right. They sent me stuff. What happens when that happens? Well, there's an alarm that sounds immediately in the Syrek household (the sound is the clip of Matt Damon saying "MATTDAMON" from Team America). I then spring into action, investigate the goods, and begin celebrating the ever-lovin' doody out of whoever sent it.

Ladies and gents, I got the following:
That's right, I'm the proud owner of a Dharma Shawarma T-shirt AND a golf ball with the Dharma Initiative logo on it. WOWZA! The gift came from Robert Murphy, whose blog you need to straight blow up. Go HERE to read the rantings and ravings of a fellow Lostie whose opinion I greatly respect even if we disagree on how things wrapped up. He was so generous in sending these gifts, and has made me a life-long fan and reader of his. Again, his blog is so go to there and read up.

Also of note, I received a Lost shirt from my wife for my birthday as well! She gave it to me early (my birthday's tomorrow) so I could wear it for the Lost festivus event we had on Sunday. Here's me in action.
Ryan Syrek
Stop staring at my chest.

Okay, now that this column seems to have actually produced goodies for me, I should probably take it more seriously. I should, but I won't.

Here's my inspired-by-the-fact-that-it-actually-worked cool stuff to buy me for this week:

1.) Learn your ABCs, bub - If you're looking for something to decorate your kid's wall with but are afraid that you may turn said child into an insufferable wuss with the wrong choice, may I suggest the following:
Sean Gordon Murphy has drawn Wolverine and friends in different poses for every letter of the alphabet, and yes prints are available at Murphy’s Deviant Art page. What a great way to say to your son and daughter "my desire for you to read goes hand in hand with my passion for hairy Canadians who stab people." Trust me when I say that your children will thank you.

2.) I MUST have this one, for real - I love Pixar, this is as much of a secret as Ricky Martin's formerly closeted sexual preference. I have to say that made my day when they showed me that Josh Cooley, an artist for Pixar, shares my passion for Golden Books, those little books you used to read as a child. Why? Because he's making "Movies R Fun," an inappropriate little Golden Book-styled work that is going to have illustrations done Pixar style of crazy film moments. What do I mean? Just look at these three images.
The book and prints will be available via Cooley’s Blog. Seriously, how great is that? I can't wait to proudly display this weird blend of my childhood experience and my adult passions. And trust me when I say it is hard to even write a sentence that has childhood, passion, and adult in it without feeling dirty.

3.) Landscaping just got a whole lot more badass - Nerdapproved gets me. I don't know if they've crawled inside my brain or what, but somehow they knew that my landscaping recently has made me feel like I'm losing part of my stupid masculinity. What did they do? They found me this:

These are flower grenades. They break apart, are biodegradable seed holders. Yeah, you heard me, when you want to plant these flowers you throw them like grenades at where you want them. This is not a drill, folks. You want to go to HERE ASAP. I can't tell you how many men would be more willing to plant flowers if it involved weaponry. This is genius.

Okay, that's it. Thanks again to Robert Murphy for really kicking down the door of what will surely be an onslaught of free goodies for me.

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