Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bono is going to break my heart again

As is prone to happen during this wacky paddleboat ride down the stream of life, people have begun turning on U2. How you turn against the greatest rock band whose name does not rhyme with the Schmeetles is beyond me. Making fun of Bono's persona? Fair game, he can act sorta douchey. Making fun of him as a person given how he has transformed from an angst ridden youth to a world-changing leader? You're the douche, douche. I don't need people to concede that they're the greatest band that ever lived, that would be silly. Like I said, they're the SECOND greatest band that ever lived, and the best band living now. Duh. Oh, and the only person capable of appropriately mocking Bono was Ben Stiller back when he was funny.

Plus, their music is amazing and you know it. If I sound defensive, that's just because at some point they finally slipped out of the youth culture and now the only people I know who violently defend their heart stopping brilliance are people my age, or as I like to put it, people who have listened to music long enough to finally have an opinion that's valid. People who know me know that the passion I have for U2 is only equaled or exceeded by my passion for Spider-man. So when I was told there would be a Spider-man musical with music written by U2, I pretty much pooped my denim Pampers. Then I watched as that project slowly unraveled, like Miley Cyrus.

Now comes word of a new potential pairing that excites me beyond reasonable expectations. Pixar + U2 = Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Supposedly, Brave, which is the first classic-style fairy tale from Pixar, is going to get music from the boys from Dublin. Now, it's just a rumor at this point, and there's still plenty of time for some studio suit to drop a deuce on my heart like what happened with the Spider-man musical (I was going to go to Broadway for that shit...for real). Still, if I am watching a Pixar film and there's a U2 song in it, people should take photographs so they know what nirvana looks like.

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