Friday, June 18, 2010

Get to screamin', Gilmore

Looking at Lauren Graham is a lot like being shot in the face by a cannon filled with puppies and hugs. Look at her.
Don't you want to hug the shit out of her? Don't you want to cuddle her until her face falls off? It's appropriate that my post has taken a weirdly macabre slant to it, as Graham told Jay Leno that she's going to be in Scream 4. I know what you're thinking and, relax, I read it on the Internet. I haven't watched Leno in forever. Oh, not because I sided with Conan (which I did) but because I don't watch things that suck. Just a thing with me. Graham will be playing the role of the lead character's mother, which would have been a blow to Graham's ego, had she not played the young, hot momma in "The Gilmore Girls" for years. Oh, and take note, Hollywood: That woman has zero Botox, zero plastic surgery, is 43 years old, and looks absolutely adorable. Seriously, I just want to braid her hair or get in a tickle fight with her. She's been scientifically created to make me love her.

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