Monday, June 21, 2010

Hobbit inherited?

Peter Jackson is too busy to do The Hobbit and, wisely, probably doesn't want to return to the series where he last won an Oscar. It was part of the deal, I think...that we all understood that to be the last time he'd visit the Shire. With Guillermo Del Toro bowing out and Jackson saying no, who does that leave? What about...Neill Blomkamp? District 9 may be about as far away from Hobbitses as possible, but it did show that he's able to take fantastical ideas and make them totally believable. Plus, he's Jackson's bitch. And by bitch, I mean protege, which is far nicer sounding because it's French (right?). This is by no means a sure thing and likely is not going to happen, mainly because Blomkamp is shockingly committed to making his own original ideas, an attitude likely to get him stoned to death by copycats in Hollywood. It does, however, represent the most logical solution in front of the players involved. Jackson wants to only relinquish the series to someone he trusts. That list is small (just like hobbits). I would be thrilled, absolutely thrilled, if this came to pass, but none of it means anything so long as MGM has its finances in a wad. How does a studio that has a hand in both James Bond and Lord of the Rings shit the bed so bad that they're in bankruptcy? It's beyond me.

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