Monday, June 14, 2010

List of Spidey candidates grows, but not enough to include a black man

I chose this image for this topic because the casting for Spidey, who I love, has made me as angry as the guy below him here.
Aaron Johnson from Kick-Ass and Anton Yelchin from Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation are the newest young honkeys added to the list of young honkeys being considered for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-man in the upcoming reboot/remake/debacle that needs to start shooting fairly soon. I like both of these guys a, a lot a lot. Johnson's character in Kick-Ass was so Peter Parker-esque, the actor even mentioned he wasn't sure he'd want to be considered for the wall-crawler because he'd be covering the same ground. Meanwhile, Yelchin was the best part of the abomination that caused me to declare a McWar on McG, and single-handedly sunk the franchise into obscurity. I love Yelchin's general look and feel: He just has "it." However, with new actors being added to the list, despite previous news that the role had been cast, it shows me that they haven't quite gotten what they wanted. And yet, they continue to ignore the very real Donald Glover for Spider-man movement. If they had quickly cast the role after the buzz demanding an audition for Don began, it would have been reasonable to me to exclude him. The process was already underway, yadda, yadda, yadda. But with NEW actors being added, it only makes it more glaringly obvious that one isn't even being considered.

Glover has made me so happy lately with his simple tweets on the subject. When Stan Lee talked about how race shouldn't matter and that Glover is a good actor, Don simply posted that he couldn't believe Stan Lee was talking about him for Spider-man. He later mentioned that someone had stopped on the freeway to shoot him the "Spider-man fingers." Glover loves the character, has great presence, has great comic timing, has the physique that would work perfectly, and is all of 2-4 years older than some of the people being considered for the part. I'm not accusing the people who are casting the film of being too racist to consider him, I'm accusing them of being unable to picture him in the role because he's black. I don't think it's hate at all. I think it's limited imagination.

I know Donald Glover will not be Spider-man. He should be, he'd be the most imaginative casting, but he won't be. I do hold out hope, small hope, that he can get an audition for the role. If nothing else, it would seem to be the right thing to do. Give the vocal group of fans who love both the character and the actor something to cheer for. You're already adding to your list, Sony, why not add the right guy to it?

Oh, and hit up Twitter and drop a #donald4spiderman to let folks know we haven't forgotten.

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