Monday, June 28, 2010

Nobody has had a talk with Tim Burton yet

Happy Monday to ya! I hope your weekend was just disgustingly, disturbingly enjoyable for you. Mine was a weird blend of super-busy Saturday and sublimely simple Sunday. That's how it should be, in my humblest of opinion. At least, that's how it should be if someone wants me happy and not homicidal to start the work week.

Let's begin today with one of my favorite pastimes, verbally stabbing Tim Burton's giant pinata head. ComingSoon talked to the guy producing the stop-motion Addams Family movie that was rumored to be directed by Burton before Burton's people issued a strong denial. Yeah, the producer officially says he has Burton in mind to direct. Is it possible that Timmy boy could come to his senses and hold firm on his "no" vote? Sure. It's also possible that one day Glenn Beck is going to make a good point, but I'm not holding my breath. I held the theory for awhile that if Burton would just get away from the repetitive crap he's been treading water in, he could do something of value. Then I remembered this:
That was going to be Tim Burton's Superman, obviously starring Nicholas Cage. That was his idea. He thought that looked good. As it stands, he has something like 6 projects in the works, ranging from Frankenweenie to Mai the Psychic Girl. None of them sound appealing to me. Maybe I'm still pissed about Alice in Wonderland. And just so nobody thinks I'm some kind of self-righteous prick, I'm not against selling out. I just no longer think that's what Burton has done. I used to think he just successfully found an audience who will buy his bullshit with such force that he's now Lord of Hot Topic. He's not just going back to the well for cash. I believe this is all he ever had to give. Sadface.

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