Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preach on

As I've expounded on before, a movie based on the jaw-droppingly good comic "Preacher" needs to happen. Thus, even though the early buzz I'm hearing on The A-Team is...let's go with "suspect" (one person I follow on twitter simply said "I f**king hated A-Team"), I am glad somebody is talking about adapting the thing, even if it's director Joe Carnahan. Were this anything other than a terribly slow news week, information consisting solely of "Joe Carnahan says he wants to do a Preacher movie" wouldn't even show up on this most humble of blogs. But guess what, the rumor mill is quieter than BP's "good idea" department. Thus, I'm left once more contemplating how it is this series hasn't made it to the screen in some form. Did I mention that this comic has a vampire? Because it does. Right now if you say the word vampire three times in a comment you've left on a forum somewhere, a studio executive will buy it and turn it into a movie. It also has a really compact opening narrative, a great female lead, and the option of making it either slightly more big-budget or slightly cheaper. Beyond all of that, it defies logic why HBO wouldn't want it as an ongoing series? "Entourage" has zero life left in it, they already have a hit vampire show (the lame-and-icky "True Blood"), and this dark humor would totally catch on. Carnahan, buddy, I wish you the best if only because people are talking about this project again. Maybe I'll give A-Team a real chance just to make it up to you. Probably not though, someone is shooting a plane with a tank in mid air.

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