Wednesday, June 2, 2010

That gaping hole in my soul

Yeah, so today's the day I'd usually be talking about last night's "Lost." Except, there is no more last night's "Lost." I'm sure that like any loss, I'll one day feel whole again, but it would sure help if Evangeline Lilly were here to kiss the boo-boos and make it all better. Instead, there's news that another sexy Lostie is about to get a shot at fame and fortune. Avengers News says that Josh Holloway, he of chesty glory, has been picked up something in some movie. Yeah, that's as specific as they get. He's been tasked to play "a major role" in "an upcoming movie." Many have started inserting him instantly into The Avengers in every role from Ant-Man to Dum-Dum Dugan (yes, somehow someone heard "major role" and thought "Dum-Dum Dugan"). I think the former is more likely, although there's still the chance that the studio ditched Jeremy Renner and inserted Holloway into the Hawkeye role, which is about the best fit I could see for him. Then again, who is to say that this isn't for some other movie? A headliner in some other film we're not thinking of? I mean, seeing as how even though I love the guy I acknowledge the only superhero that springs to mind for him is Gambit and that's at another studio, it could be absolutely any other role (except Black Panther).

All I know is that whatever role he is in better have a few of these in the script:

Speaking of Marvel casting, I still haven't given up on the #donald4spiderman twitter campaign, and you shouldn't either. The more I think about it, the better of an idea it is. I will say that all the hate directed on the interwebs about the race issue is enough to make me champion this cause extra hard. I talked to a guy (non-hate-filled, but not exactly open-minded) on Twitter yesterday who said "What if they offered Luke Cage to a white guy." I explained how stupid that would be, on account of his race being KEY to his character. Facts are facts: Spider-man is my favorite character, I've studied him for years, and he doesn't have to be white. He does need to be funny and played with affection: He needs to be Don Glover.

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Blogger Tracie Mauk said...

I got the exact same "Well then why not cast a white dude to play Luke Cage?" argument with my friends when I tried convincing them Donald was right for the part of Spidey.

June 03, 2010  

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