Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey, have I mentioned this great movie called Inception?

Like a burrito that cost only a quarter and GOP hypocrisy, Inception is the film that never stops giving. I love it more than most actual human beings at this point, although, to be fair, I'm kind of an unpleasant fellow. We have two Inception-related pieces of business to attend to. The first is but a little treat, a savory after-dinner mint on your pillow. I actually think the degree to which the film was "complicated" is overblown by a large degree. That, or a lot of stupid people stepped up to the plate, as I really haven't heard of that many people who "didn't get it." The complexity is the best sort, in that you can enjoy it while having a head mostly filled with used napkins or you can dive in so deep that every background extra with no lines of spoken dialogue has some measure of meaning. I prefer the latter, obviously, but even with that mentality I can appreciate the cool beauty of this infographic designed to help people befuddled by the interweaving planes of reality and time bending.
Pretty sweet, huh? It's like a pyramid of the food groups, only every one of them is delicious (take that vegetables). See, that's a cute, sweet little diversion. That's an "oh that's nice" treat for us Inception-eers. The next one...the next one may just change everything. I mean that. Watch.

On the surface, this is another "oh, that's cool." But for those of us who are attempting to earn a PhD from Dr. Christopher Nolan, whether he sends us a certificate or files a restraining order has yet to be seen, this is perhaps the holy grail of clues. Why? Consider that the music played, "Non je ne regrette nien," is the signal for "the kick." Okay, that's great, what does sampling a slowed down version mean? Well...time works slower the deeper down the rabbit hole you go, we know that. What I'm asking this a slight tip of the cap, a wink that suggests that Cobb is in Limbo still? That he's so far down, so deep inside of a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream that the music is slowed to the point of a crawl? Oh, I'm sorry, did I JUST BLOW YOUR FRIGGIN' MIND?!?! I realize this could be incidental, that it could mean nothing or be just a cool little thingie they did for funsies. That's possible. What I love about truly exceptional works of art is that you can find and argue for meaning everywhere. Tell me this isn't a pinnacle of modern mainstream movies and I'll slap you upside the face hole with a live salmon.

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