Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the interest of sharing good news

I've been a wee bit grumpy lately, sharing doubtful, angry news as readily as I can. In order to rectify that, I bring you two doses of happy news here, shared in as pleasant a form as I can think: Rhyming couplets.

Good news part one

When last I told you this news,
it likely gave you the blues.
Pixar was making a no-no,
a spinoff was given the go-go.
It would go direct to DVD,
but that hurt no less, obviously.
Planes was to branch out from Cars,
the worst Pixar flick by far.
But today brings us a switch,
and gives us less reason to bitch.
Disney Toon Studios is making the movie,
the one that you don't want to see.
So Pixar remains on the top of the heap,
it's that old Mouse that's the money-grubbing creep!

Good news part two

Remember how people hate on Thor,
calling the pictures eye-sores?
Well check this shit out,
it will remove doubt.
See, what did I tell you,
did your eyes pop out of your head too?
It's technically just a preview poster,
but I believe that if you look closer,
you'll see that it suggests something rad,
a fight as has never been had.
If the film even looks somewhat like this,
into my pants I feel I will piss.
But wait, there's more, my good chap!
Howsabout a poster of Cap!
Focus on the scope of the scene.
Doesn't that landscape look mean?
God this will be fun,
just don't look at his gun.
He normally doesn't go packing,
but into war, I wouldn't go lacking.

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