Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A rewrite I approve of on the first blush

The Wrap is reporting that The Crow remake I have feared for so long is changing direction a bit. This is a good thing, considering the guy behind it was the guy who last directed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Enjoy having that be your last film, Sir Connery! I loved the original Crow, perhaps too much as my teenage years were spent with posters of a certain leather-bound, black-lipstick wearing character everywhere. That probably didn't do good things for my prowess with the ladies...or anyone. I never dressed like the Crow. I want that on record. Anyway, the big news is that they've brought someone good in to clean up what is likely an incredibly simplistic and annoying draft by Norrington. That person is Nick Cave.
Singer, songwriter, novelist, screenwriter, and sometimes owner of a super-awesome mustache (pictured above), Cave is most known for making macabre, creepy shit that is still super awesome. Pretty much textbook for this material. The Proposition, a film which still makes me feel like I crawled inside a murderer and slept for awhile like a tauntaun in Empire Strikes Back, was all the proof I needed to conclude that this marriage may be a good one. Here's hoping that Nickie brings back the much needed vibe this project yearns for. Why? Because if they had stopped after the first movie, I would have said they should never remake it. But they didn't. They made a slew of them, including direct to video stuff, some of which involved Edward Furlong! It's going to be hard to scrub that icky out, but I think if anybody can replace Furlong-icky with awesome-icky, it's Nick Cave. He can go ahead and put that on his business card, and I won't sue.

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