Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slow news day (volume three)

This is the last one and I'm giving up. In the interest of fairness, I reported when some no-name actress joined the cast of Moneyball, a movie that Steven Soderbergh was going to direct, so I will now mention the latest actor to join Soderbergh's new project: Contagion. Before we get to the nameless dude who just signed on today, let's recap who is in this tale that sounds like Traffic meets 28 Days Later. Matt Damon and Jude Law are pulling down the dude work (with Damon pulling down more than Law...seriously, Law is so pretty that he wouldn't look flat-out manly eating a raw waterbuffalo, while rebuilding his Mustang and peeing standing up). The ladies...well, the ladies represent one of the finer collection of people I really want to be in a room with. Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet are all in this movie that I need to be watching right now. Cotillard, fresh off of her performance in Inception, which I am going to be reviewing soon, I swear, is just so uniquely beautiful and talented that I can hardly believe we actually let her get famous. Oh, right, this is a post about the new person added to the cast. It's John Hawkes, who played the translator in this season of "Lost" and was in "Deadwood." In other words, those interested in ladies get to look at this:

And those interested in dudes get to look at this:

This completes the slowest news day in weeks.

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