Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Slow News Day (Volume Two) - Ridley Scott switches Russell Crowe for you

I'm not the world's biggest fan of the whole "everybody is a filmmaker" world we live in. Why? Well, not everybody is a quarterback even though we can all buy and play with a football; not everybody is an architect even though we have pencils and graph paper; and so on and so forth. The world believes that with flip cameras and iPhones and whatnot that everybody is a filmmaking artist. Notsofast there, slappy. See, I believe in citizen journalism and that the increasing technology makes it possible for everyone to share their perspectives and news we may not otherwise receive. They're just not all "filmmakers" and "artists." In the same way that me recording my thoughts about how jacked up it is that the Governor of Hawaii vetoed a law allowing same sex unions doesn't make me Walter Cronkhite, someone using the black and white button on a flipcam doesn't make them Coppola. Why am I mentioning all this? Ridley Scott is partnering with Youtube for Life in a Day. On July 24, 2010, they want you to record "distinctive" footage of that day in your life and upload it. The best will be chosen for a film that is an "experimental documentary" and will be entered in Sundance. Some participants will even get to go. That's great for funsies, but I have this feeling that the resulting blob of footage will be largely unwatchable or, at best, sort of bland. It's just my opinion, don't get all mad or anything. I still think you should do it, because you may get to go to Sundance. Just don't ask me to watch it, okay?

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