Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slow news day (volume two)

Waaay back when this blog was first starting out, when we had barely scratched the potential of the literally dozens of people interested in my take on movie news, we mentioned Moneyball. That's right, all the way back in '08, we discussed the book-about-baseball-finances-turned-Steven-Soderbergh-movie. In the vast space of time between that day and now, a chasm old enough to have...grown an awesome beard?...things have changed. Aaron Sorkin has rewritten the script, someone named Bennett Miller (I'm checking to see if this is a fake name) is directing, and the cast still includes Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright, and Jonah Hill (presumably not playing a baseball player). Had news of any of those things broken today, it would have counted as real, actual news. Instead, let me introduce you to someone. This is Kathryn Morris.
She's pretty in that generic Hollywood way, which is not to say that she wouldn't drop jaws in person and isn't a red-hot hottie. She's just familiar looking. She's also in Moneyball now. I believe she gets to make out with Brad Pitt. She was also on "Cold Case," which I always think of as the show that they were making fun of in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, even though I know their target was "CSI." Folks, this is what defines a slow news day. Casting an actress you kind of remember, who has few distinguishing characteristics, in a part you don't care about, in a movie that sounds iffy to begin with. Lemons into lemonade, folks. I'm trying here.

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