Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Much like my optimism for my Chicago Bears increases during the off-season, Inception continues to grow on me the longer I'm away from it. That's a good thing, and is likely due to the sophistication of the near-hour-long climax, which culminates not only in pulse-pounding action and effects but an increasingly complex series of confrontations of the self-revealing, emotional kind. Jonathan Nolan, Chris Nolan's younger bro, had nothing to do with Inception. (That's what we in the business call a smooth transition.) He did, however, help work on Memento, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight with his big brother. When you also consider that Chris Nolan is now the overseer/godfather/grand poobah of Superman, you get the newest rumor that Jonny Nolan will be making his directorial debut with the boy in blue. People like to lie A LOT in the run up to the San Diego Comic Convention. I'm sure it has nothing to do with wanting to whip people into frenzies and guarantee enthusiastic audiences will pack presentations in the hopes of finding an answer (which is usually "no INSERTNAMEHERE is not going to play INSERTSUPERHEROHERE"). GeekTyrant may be just recycling a rumor I heard back when Chrissypants was put into the role of supreme overlord of all men Bat and Super for WB. That said, they did add a new twist, stating that he's currently working preproduction and has already screened some actors for the lead role. One of those being this guy:
That's Zachary Levi from "Chuck," who used to look like he was doing a Jim Halpert impression, but has since decided to change his look and bulk up a bit. I suppose he conceivably could play Superman, but he sure doesn't scream the part to me. Oh, and I hate him. Why? Because he starred in American Carol, which you probably have bleached from your brain but is the craaaazy right-wing, painfully unfunny spoof movie from the Zucker brothers. It's one thing to make a laugh-free comedy, it's an entirely different thing to make a right-wing puppeteered movie. Not cool, Levi. No Supes for you.

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