Friday, July 30, 2010

This is why JJ Abrams rules

You can't really hate on JJ Abrams. You can try. If you're one of those small people who feels this compulsion to take part in every backlash imaginable because you covet the success of others and have a tiny no-no, then you can rage against several of his projects for no good reason. But the truth is, the guy makes entertaining features on screens both small and big. Without him, I would never have met

(I miss you so much, Evangeline, please come back to me in some way, I don't care how). And I would have never even known about
(I don't care how good The Town looks, this will remain the best work Ben Affleck has ever been a part of). So not only does JJ make incredibly fun and cool films and TV shows that introduce women I will love until someone pries the internet out of my cold, dead hands, he is also going to try to make a movie that will bring steampunk into the mainstream.
Boilerplate will be produced by JJ and is about the world's first robot invented in the late 19th century. The image above is a steampunk Iron Man, just to give you a flavor for what we're talking about. Shoving this fictional robot into real-life historical battles will be incredible, if they're able to capture the beauty of steampunkness, which nobody really has done on screen yet. Something about the genre, which is all about impractical ways to design and power awesome modern technology with old sources of energy, just makes me giddy. Some of the designs for steampunk things are so awesome I don't even know how brains imagine them. And now JJ is going to bring it to the big screen. See? He rules. Now, if he puts Evangeline and Jennifer in a steampunk setting, he will hit the trifecta. How is it a trifecta? You get two points for casting either of those goddesses, that's my rule.

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