Monday, August 30, 2010

Fantastic four lies continue

The Fantastic Four rumor mill is spinning faster than Fox news. We heard rumors of Amber Heard and Adrien Brody being considered for The Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic already, but now comes news that Fox wants Bruce Willis to voice the entirely CGI Thing!
Now that is a great bit of vocal casting. Maybe this is the next stage of Willis's career? He's going to be too old to do the stunts himself, so he can just voice computer-generated versions of himself doing things. That's what Stallone is doing these days, right? I mean, that guy is 82 years old, so I know he's not ACTUALLY filming explosive stunt sequences.

Comic Book Movie also reports that they're close to naming a director for the do-over. It's down to Joe Carnahan (who somehow has potential even though he ate doody with The A-Team), James McTeigue (who somehow has potential even though he ate doody with Ninja Assassin), and David Yates (who did some good Harry Potter stuff). Obviously, Yates is the guy for the job, with the feel of Potter and The Fantastic Four sharing more overlap than ninjas or B.A. Baracus. So look for Carnahan to get it. My hopes aren't sky high for this, but I do love the characters, and they are currently being written so well in the comic that it makes me yearn for a good adaptation. Here's hoping.

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