Friday, August 20, 2010

No lie, the best advertisement ever

I'm not going to go see The Last Exorcism. I hate movies that are nothing but cheap knock-offs designed for a quick cash grab. Also, it features the thing that terrifies me slightly more than creepy children: people who crab walk backwards and have oddly disjointed bodies. That shit's just wrong. That said, folks, you have got to get a load of these viral ads for the film. See, what they've done here is use Chatroulette, the site that uses video to randomly hook you up with another person. Basically, it's a site for lonely, horny dudes who are convinced they can find a hot chick on a site filled with lonely, horny dudes. You will not find much "chatting," but you will find tons of dudes showing their wang right when you get connected to a new "speaker." So, what this ad campaign does is...well hell, just watch, it's really funny.

Honestly, few things are funnier than dudes who think they're about to see a hot nude girl getting freaked out of their minds. Guess you shouldn't troll the internet for boobs, chumps! Still not seeing the movie, but definitely have more respect for it now.

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