Monday, August 30, 2010

There's steel hope. Blue steel hope.

Happy Monday. I'm busy on this shortened week, so I'm not going to waste much time with platitudes or nonsense and gibberish. Also, nobody did anything interesting in the entertainment world this weekend other than give "Mad Men" more Emmys to justify its infuriating existence. I went right ahead and moved my displeasure with the show from "I don't like it" to "unreasonable hatred" during the course of the ceremony. I did think Fallon was funny, but the blind obedience to has-been stars and mediocre cable programming is just insane. If you really believe Kyra Sedgwick deserved that Emmy, I may tape your eyelids open and show you 50 straight hours of Connie Briton in "Friday Night Lights." It's not even close. So, to recap, Emmys made me mad, and I'm busy, so let's talk about Zoolander 2.

Zoolander was funny.

But just like Anchorman 2, a sequel is having a rather hard time finding traction. The problem is, of course, nobody is sure that it will actually make money. The other problem is that Ben Stiller decided to retire from comedy years ago, around the time of Meet the Fokkers. Supposedly, Justin Theroux is still penning a sequel featuring Jonah Hill as the bad guy, but the studio wants it to cost $40 million, which it probably could do just fine if all actors agreed to only make millions for having fun with their friends instead of millions of millions. Honestly, do you feel a pay cut from 10 million to 5 million? You just made 5 million dollars. I mean, unless you're sleeping every night inside a genetically created tauntaun you designed in a lab that costs about $200,000 per pop, you should be good. I hope this happens because it was honestly the last time I thought, "oh, that Ben Stiller, he's so funny." Now I mostly think, "Bad, Ben Stiller. Bad!"

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