Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 47)

Again, see previous comments about why I'm keeping things so short today. Apologies all around. That said, here are the things I am begging you to send me this week even though I don't actually want you to send them to me except I kind of do want you to send them to me except that's not why I do this because it's really just to show you cool stuff except I do kind of want it.

Here's what I want this week:

1.) I ain't afraid of these jitters - Nerdapproved links us to this tasty gem from these fellas.
First off, the box alone is worth 20 bucks. Second, those marshmallows (which I love) have 100 mg of caffeine in them. A Red Bull has 80. Wrap your brain around that for a second. You get to eat marshmallows inspired by a classic comedy AND be so wired you will likely see actual ghosts. That's a win-win, people.

2.) I want not to kill them, but to hug them - How adorably awesome are these monster posters?
Seriously! You hang those posters up in your room and I think everyone is going to marvel at how awesomely cute they are. But they're still monsters, so it's even MORE awesome. If I had a young boy, these would be all over his room. I even like the color palate. Yes, I said color palate. These rule. Get them here.

3.) We kind of have to get this shirt, right? - Yeah, this is from Threadless.
It's a shirt that says Awesomeness and features a T-Rex equipped with rockets and lasers, Abraham Lincoln, a cheeseburger, a stuntman, jet planes, aliens, an explosion, and Chuck Norris. I have nothing left to say.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the Threadless tee come in Minority Sizes with corona equipped Tupac,Scarface with prange soda blood, Obama in a Lincoln top hat with a hoody, Bruce Lee doin back flips off of a bob marley lion, a rapping gorilla and a baby in Jordan's?

September 01, 2010  

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