Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 48)

The Wednesday of my discontent continues! Nevermind that this is the first week of pro football, something that's practically a holiday to me, nevermind that it's only a four-day work week, nevermind that I'm the only one who hasn't fallen victim to the latest strange plague working its way through Omaha, I'm pissy. One way to make me less pissy? Buy me things. Obviously, this is just my weekly time to show you some cool merch that's out there, but as always if someone wants to contact me at and hook me up with free swag for promotion or just because you like me, I will certainly give you my address and keep whatever you send. In particular, you can feel free to send me the following this week:

1.) If you don't think this is the most adorable thing ever, you should exit my planet - I'm sure that James Hance is minutes away from a cease and desist order for selling these drawings, but until then, GO GET THEM.
Combining the cuddly of Pooh with the nostalgia of Star Wars was one thing, rendering Chewbacca as the most adorable thing on the planet is another thing, but making the AT-AT into Eyore? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How can you not want this on your child's wall? Or your own? Or somewhere in your house at least? Do you see the cuteness? Can you bear the cuddliness? MY EYES ARE BLEEDING WITH THE ADORABLITUDE!

2.) Wash your hands with brains! - This is not only a cute Young Frankenstein reference, it's also a practical way to avoid getting me diseased by your filth.

These delicious and sanitary tiny brains are available from Thinkgeek and were likely harvested from Fox News anchors. I will let you decide if that was me making a joke that they don't need their brains or that their brains are incredibly small. Either one works.

3.) Where old robots go to die - The best Threadless shirts are the ones that are both a play on some pop culture element and somehow kind of sick and wrong.

I think my favorite is The Toaster, which is like a double whammy for BSG fans. All in all, this is the type of shirt that does exactly what it's supposed to do: Gives you cred with the geeks and stares from the normals. I loves it.

That's all my wants this week, now order up!

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