Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 49)

In honor of those who still find it clever, happy Hump Day folks. I'm sure I'm the first person to say that phrase without a filthy grin or dirty stare to go with it (I'm doing both, you just can't see it). We have come to the day of the week where I beg you to send me free stuff by asking me for my address at I hear tell all the time of other, more famous and desired bloggers, just swimming in swag. This is my attempt to request some of that sweet, sweet freebie love. Actually, it's just me showing you some cool stuff, but like I've said before, I will keep whatever is sent to me, so it's not that much of a joke. I have a good sense of humor, but I'm also not stupid.

Here's the things I would keep if sent to me this week:

1.) My head does that already - Who among us haven't fancied having our own bobblehead?

Well now it's all possible! Go here and you can have your dome put on any of these characters, ranging from Spider-man (YESPLEASENOWTHANKS) to someone sitting on a toilet. Ladies have some great choices too, including Belle from Beauty and the Beast and them sitting on a toilet. I feel like that one is going to be the most popular, even though I have no possible need for a tangible demonstration of what it would look like to leave my body and watch me poop.

2.) I no longer need to smash stuff - How great is this from ThinkGeek?
That is an ice cube tray for water bottles. I mean, that's just brilliant, right? You know how many times I've smashed ice cubes to fit the little fragments into a water bottle? Literally dozens of times, which really isn't that much now that I think about it, but this thing only costs 5 bucks, so it's still worth it. I like to applaud shrewd inventions when I see them.

3.) This is also brilliant - At first, you say, ", why would I need a hoodie of a hand?"
Then you realize that with just a minor adjustment of unzipping a bit...WHAMMO:

That's right! You can give a traditional Vulcan greeting WITH YOUR BOOBS! How great is that? Also great: This guy's bow tie. This is American design at it's finest.

That's all I want right now. Get to buying.

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