Friday, September 24, 2010

Web of Lies: Halfway to a good decision

And a good Friday morning to you, my sweet bloggies. If you're reading this, I just assume you watched "Community" and "30 Rock" last night. How great were those shows last night? This great.

"Because boobies, we got em." "Dogs used to eat me, but now they bring the paper in." Yeah, just incredible stuff. And the scene where everything you thought they'd take multiple episodes to reveal all came out: Ah-Maze-Ing. "30 Rock" had some great moments of it's own, including a hilarious "Mentalist" tote bag joke.

So combine my 2-0 Chicago Bears with hilarious Thursday night shows and today being Friday and you get a great mood that someone in Hollywood must sense. The scoop is this: we have our female leads for Spider-man: We're Going to Reboot This Shit Whether We Need to or Not. What? It's still a catchier title than "Turn Off the Dark" (apologies to U2). Supposedly, the following ladies have been reading with Andrew Garfield.

Mia Wasikowska (best known for Tim Burton's sucktastic suckfest Alice in Wonderland)

Emma MF Stone (best known for being insanely talented, hot, and generally awesome)

Obviously, we have ourselves Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane, right? I don't know about the former, as all I've seen her in was a movie that made Johnny Depp look stupid. The latter, that's just pitch-perfect casting yo. The problem is going to be getting me to believe I'd want the former and not the latter because, hello look at Emma Stone. But you know what, that works for the characters. MJ was always the hottie party girl and Gwen was the sweet girl next door. What's interesting about this casting is that, if it's true (and remember, it almost never is), are they setting us up to see Gwen get offed? I mean, Stone is CLEARLY the more known actress and as hot as she is right now, I doubt she'd be willing to play "supporting actress number 2" seeing as "supporting actress number 1" is usually not given more to do than run around, get kidnapped, and get water poured on her shirt in a superhero movie. Call me interested, as this may indicate they are at least considering the storyline that broke my heart and made me a man. Not like that.

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