Thursday, August 13, 2009

Avatar Day IS COMING! Hallmark greeting cards to follow?

After James Cameron whipped out his cinematic phallus and waved it around for all to see at the Comic Con, he promised an upcoming Avatar day, which would allow audiences to see said cinematic phallus FOR FREE at IMAX 3D theaters! Now, the LA TIMES has some specifics on the inevitable clusterfrak. Apparently, this coming Monday, Fox will give away first-come, first-serve tickets at starting at noon PST (3 pm EST; 2 pm CST; screw people in Mountain time, with their cool-sounding time zone). Nobody knows if you'll be able to claim 1 or 2 tickets at a time, which is not really a concern for people who are freaking out about seeing a sneak preview of a 3D sci-fi movie. The screenings will be held at 6 and 6:30 pm on Friday, August 21 in the 70 or so theaters that are set up to handle James Cameron's cinematic fallus. Supposedly the footage lasts about 15 minutes or so, and will include stuff not shown at the Comic Con, which I'm kind of surprised hasn't leaked out yet. The trailer also premieres that day, but you'd obviously rather spend all day waiting to click and get the magic tickets or buy them on eBay from some extortionist, right? Me? I'm probably going to pass on this one, as I don't know if there's a theater nearby with the capability and, if there were, I don't know that I'd go anyway. I'm beginning to believe that the best course of action is to go in to this film blind (not literally, that would not be as enjoyable), as the hype has taken on a life of it's own (seriously, it's like a separate life form at this point, I call it "Annie, the Avatar advance hype"). If you are one of those lucky (crazy) people who see this, tell me all about it! I won't even make fun of you (much).

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