Wednesday, August 19, 2009


If you aren't excited for the upcoming Spike Jonze-directed Where the Wild Things Are, I'm sorry that the child in you died. You should have that thing taken out of you immediately. Dialing my excitement level up to near "ohmygodspider-manisreal" levels is the fact that one of my favorite novelists, Dave Eggers, wrote the screenplay and...wait for it...A NOVEL "inspired by" the movie and children's book. I don't even know what that effing means and I'm over the moon! The best news? YOU CAN READ PART OF IT NOW! The New Yorker has a friggin' 8 page excerpt from the work! Sure, you have to endure those indecipherable cartoons on nearly every page (if you look at them too long, you go cross-eyed, you've been warned), but are you kidding me? That's a huuuuge excerpt! Why are they doing it? Because it's sooooooo good it makes you want to both go out and buy the book and go out and watch the movie. I won't go on a big rant here (just an itty bitty one), but what makes Eggers's excerpt truly remarkable is that it perfectly captures the tone of the book AND the spirit of that work. Max is angry and confused. Life is beautiful, yes, but our introduction to it can be violent and totally disorienting. There's something glorious about it, but something terrifying and maddening and frustrating and magical about the whole thing. Eggers gets it. From the footage, Jonze does too. I am so excited it's almost enough to make me forget that Brett Favre is all over my TV and Internet again. I wish a monster would eat his face. Anyway, here's an image to get you even more pumped. Now, go to that link and read! READ DAMMIT! Phylicia Rashad told me it's fundamental.

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