Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One rumor to rule them all....

Okay nerds, I know I've spent a lot of time opining and discussing the monstrosity that is the Twilight franchise, but daddy loves you, too. Here's some seriously unsupported rumors surrounding a certain beloved film/book trilogy (no, not White Chicks, they're only on the second chapter). Marketsaw, which is a blog dedicated to 3D movies (and a good one...they've scooped on Avatar like champs), has a tiny little rumor that just may be true (again, they have gooooood sources, unlike me who has the power of an Internet connection and imagination): The Hobbit is back to being 3 movies, the first two parts will be in 3D, and Peter Jackson wants to return and make a bridge film to the existing trilogy. Chances are, LOTR fans just made a happiness deposit in their pants. What's more, the site reports that Smaug will be a combination of practical (meaning tangible, physical) effects and CGI, and that the design is dark and foreboding (the image below is on the site but is NOT concept art, but is too kick ass not to include. Marketsaw continues to reiterate that despite public confirmation that The Hobbit will be 2-parts, there are 3 films in the works, and that the author of the report has SEEN things to confirm it. Oh, that's just too awesome to not be true. I believe that if Jackson comes back, that all of the cast will rejoin him. I loved the series, I will hold out hope that this report is all true (and there's a chance that it is). So, go my nerds, go forth in joy and embrace the day!

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