Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bank robbers to wear Aronofsky-masks

Get it? Aronof-SKI MASKS? I really shouldn't use headlines that rely on the pronunciation of confusing director names. Moving on, it turns out that Darren Aronofsky is going to move from directing a ballet movie (Black Swan) in which Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis have hot, angry sex (I'll be over here when you recover from that) to a movie about the biggest heist ever. Slashfilm.com is reporting that the director is adapting the story of the 2006 British robbery that netted more than $83 million in bank notes (or, as the write-up puts it "a sum of money so vast that if the notes were stacked up they would equal the height of high-rise building"). The robbery was led by a former UFC fighter (how crazy is that) and Aronofsky is intending on it being a character-based caper, which isn't surprising. I'm just glad that Guy Ritchie will be busy directing a sequel to Sherlock Holmes, because we've seen this movie from him already about a half dozen times. What we haven't seen is someone with Aronofsky's proclivity for emotionally demanding characters take on the whole slick crime thing. Again, he's one of those directors that has a free pass with me. Until he makes something I don't like, I will watch anything he does. Period. Also, he is married to Rachel Weisz. That has nothing to do with anything but must be respected. As excited as I am for Black Swan (and really, if you aren't, shame on you), I'm equally as excited for this. That's a lie. This one will not have hot, angry Portman/Kunis sex. Then again, maybe that will become his trademark, like Tarantino's dialogue or John Woo's double-gun jumping? It's a thought.

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