Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween looks in treat sack, finds poo

Regardless of what you think of Summit Pictures, the gang behind the Twilight series, they's some smart muthertruckers. How well have they done for themselves for the small price of selling their dignity to become the ringleaders of teenage vampire porn? They may be buying The Weinstein Company. Rumors are a'buildin' that the ever lovable (not lovable at all) Weinsteins may be forced to sell their vanity corp because they suck at what they do, and Summit may be ready to swoop in and, in doing so, pick up some Oscar bait and become a real studio (not just one that rides Robert Pattinson to glory...I'm going to let you girls and a few guys enjoy that choice of words for a minute...done yet? Good). Further proof of the Weinstein demise is that one of their presumable cash cows, Halloween, is no longer franchising. This could be because the Weinsteins decided to give the series to Rob Zombie, which is like finding the most responsible barfly to drive you home. According to Deadline, pre-production on Halloween 3D has been stopped instantly, like the heart of a frequent patron of Cracker Barrel. It's hard to muster any sympathy for the Weinsteins, who have long been the bogeymen of Hollywood and who are, as we speak, campaigning hard for the rights of Roman Polanski (way to step up to the social plate...wonder if this has anything to do with his next film?). They're not going to go away, Halloween 3D is not going to go away, and Rob Zombie is not going to go away. These are facts. Also a fact, this is what counts as news this week. Blerg.

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