Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My wife's head is about to explode

Those lucky enough to have met my loving wife (it's our anniversary, so I'm forgiven for my syrupy adjectives), know that Abbie is nothing if not a horse enthusiast. That girl loves her some ponies to the degree that car rides consist of conversations like this: "Hello wife, shall we discuss amazing political nuances that have resonance upon our modern society." "Yes husband, I believe we shall. I think it was Alexander Hamilton who first said PONIES! OHMYGOD, do you see them?! THEY ARE SO AMAZING! I WANT THE PALOMINO! Hamilton who first said 'Constitutions should only consist of general provisions.'" She also has a deep mistrust of most science fiction, if only because she was not exposed to it as a child; she grew up in the country and apparently "played outside" or some such nonsense. Anyway, it's going to make her head pop when I tell her that Variety is reporting that Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr of Iron Man asskickery are making Cowboys and Aliens: a movie with spaceships and ponies. See:

Now, many of you nerds out there are all like "hey, you should get her to watch 'Firefly.'" Well, nerds, I have tried, but I made the foolish mistake of making that effort when she was not in the proper mood. Results were less than shiny. The good news is, with this flick, she already knows and likes the people involved (Downey Jr made her personal "best dressed" list at last years Oscars and she voluntarily rewatched Iron Man multiple times) AND, being that she's a Lostie and "Alias" fan like me, news that Damon Lindeloff is involved in the screenwriting process (along with Kurtzman and Orci who officially write everything now...and are on "good taste" probation after Transformers 2). The script is based on the graphic novel shown above and follows cowboys (real ones, not Tony Romo) and Native Americans are fighting in Arizona when a huge space ship arrives. I haven't read it, but my guess is the Native Americans figure out how to stop it while the cowboys are busy trying to eat stew. So, gentle readers, the question becomes: Will my wife love it for the ponies and native peoples or fear it for the aliens? Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

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