Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nerds breathe sigh of relief; smells like cheez-its and desperation

And now, a Lord of the Rings graph joke, to redeem myself for the above title of this post:

Get it? If you don't, congrats on being better than me. Anyway, this is actually just to tell you that Variety confirmed that the Tolkien estate has settled their claim against New Line, paving the way for the new Guillermo Del Toro-directed Hobbit goodness that we've all...I all have been screaming for. Oh who am I freakin' kiddin', those movies are so awesome that I ran around pretending to be Legolas for like a year...a far better year than the one I spent pretending to be Legless. The suit had threatened to slow down production, but this likely means we're about to start really hearing things heat up. I'd look for the announcement of who is playing Bilbo within a few weeks. Also, because I feel like talking about it, I would have had no problem with the ridiculous, soft-focused, nearly pornographic ending to Return of the King if it sounded like this.

God, that just should not be as funny as it is to me. I have the maturity of a sapling. Happy Wednesday.

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