Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Box Office Results: Labor Day? More like Stupid Day. I didn't mean that.

Well, I was pretty far off in the actual rankings but not too far off in the dollar amounts, but what really matters is that people are still referring to this as the LAST Final Destination movie (even though we all know it won't be) and football is back baby (I can't breathe I'm so excited). So without further ado, here's your haiku recap that is posted on Tuesday but smells like Monday.

4-DAY Labor Day Weekend Totals:

1.) The Final Destination - $15.5 million (Accuracy of prediction - 77%)

Congrats on the win.
I suppose something had to.
Now, BE GONE dammit.

2.) Inglourious Basterds - $15 million (Accuracy of prediction - 83%)

No more Nazi jokes.
I'm totally out of them.
I still hate them, though.

3.) All About Steve - $14 million (Accuracy of prediction - 87%)

Poor Sandra Bullock.
They dressed her up like a whore.
Wait, SHE produced this?

4.) Gamer - $11 million (Accuracy of prediction - 51%)

Oh, Gerard Butler.
It looks like you're not famous.
Who would have guessed it?

5.) District 9 - $9 million (Accuracy of prediction - 94%)

I'm going to miss you
You were my favorite so far.
I'll see you real soon.

Overall accuracy of prediction - 78%

Barely pulled a "C"
But it's not that big a deal.
I don't think you care.

That's it. Let's have a good short week everybody.

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Anonymous Vanessa H. said...

Poor Gerard Butler. He's famous in my eyes! If only there was a role in Eclipse that he'd be good in... *sigh*

September 08, 2009  

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