Friday, February 19, 2010

Little red riding huh?

I'm kind of intrigued by the proposed "gothic retelling" of Little Red Riding Hood that's going to be directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Although on the surface it sounds terrible, and despite Hardwicke's involvement with Twilight the first go-round, I'm holding out hope. Oh, and there's also the fact that The LA Times compares the upcoming flick to both Twilight and Shutter Island. That's awesome. I should describe more things with diametrically opposite means of comparison. "It's like The Shining meets House Party 2." I swear, people should shut up sometimes. Just give us the plot and move on, don't try to target your demographic while describing a movie that's not even made. I know that's difficult when your movie is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood that will likely involve a werewolf and suggestive sexual situations, but them's the breaks.

The reason I'm excited is because Hardwicke is talented, and the take she wants to use sounds a little more grown up. Oh, and I'm also excited for this:
I know that Amanda Seyfried just got done terrorizing the tear ducts of teens around the globe with Dear John, or as I liked to call it, F**k John. Still, I loved her in Mama Mia and she has a definite presence about her. The LA Times story suggests that Seyfried is being brought in to get the project rolling again, because she's hot doody right now. I don't know if this will be a hot mess of crap or something truly inspired. All I know is that the last time I saw a retelling of this story, I got Freeway. The language below is salty, as a warning. It also rules.

If I get something half that good this time out, I'm in.

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Anonymous Sara said...

Oh, you had me at, "Freeway." Movies like this make me wonder why Reese Witherspoon ever did crap like, "Legally Blonde." As for Amanda Seyfried, when I first saw her in, "Big Love," I knew she was going to be hot doody some day. And although she did do VERY well in, "Mamma Mia," sometimes it seemed like she forgot her lines and just stood their panting... but I guess that's ok if you're a guy.

February 19, 2010  

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