Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This mission just got a hell of a lot more impossibler

There was a time my friends, not so long ago, when Ben Stiller was funny and Tom Cruise was likable. I know, I know, it seems impossible...but it wasn't just was a whole lot more impossibler.

Okay, if you skipped that video above because you've seen it before or because it was 6 minutes long, just go to minute mark 2:00 and stay through 3:00. It's worth it. See? Funny, right? Oh to be back in a time before Cruise's "Dawson's Creek" pedophilia and Stiller's Night at the Museum with the Fokkers.

Anyhoodle, I'm taking this walk down impossible mission lane because there has been a major MI4 development, namely everybody and their mother is reporting that Tom Cruise is returning in Mission Impossible 4. Good. Yeah, you heard me. Good. I LOVED Mission Impossible 3. In fact, I'm seriously contemplating buying it on Blu-Ray because I find it so insanely watchable. Now, nobody knows if JJ Abrams will return to direct (he won't), but I hope he helps pen the story. He got how lithe and simple it could be and still be vastly entertaining. What I liked about MI3, beyond the awesome action set pieces and wickedly great pacing, was that the story wasn't about a device that would destroy the world or a terrorist attack that would kill billions. We never knew what the device was the bad guy was after, we just knew (A) he was bad and (B) it was bad for him to have it. What they focused on was that this particular mission was insanely important TO THE CHARACTERS. The stakes were high for the people involved, and that's what matters. If you bring Simon Pegg back and expand his role, make it so that Ethan doesn't have to "go off the grid" and cross his organization like in every Bond movie or spy film ever, and cast a great bad guy (I'm thinking Ryan Gosling), you could make another awesome installment. People just don't appreciate how good Abrams did with that last movie, so I'm going to have to defend it until the day I die. You hear me, world? UNTIL THE DAY I DIE!!!

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