Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Blitz 1: Kristen Stewart is Wanted?

This week hasn't been an all-you-can-eat buffet of movie news. Nope, it's been a prisoner's meal of gruel and water...and ain't nobody like no gruel. Then, suddenly, the dam breaks and we get news breaks like DAAAAMN. So, I'm going to stop making with all the jibber-jabber and start making with a series of quick pieces of really interesting news. Plus, given that the NFL Draft started yesterday (not that my team, The Chicago Bears, would know that...they had no first round picks) and continues into today, the football metaphor seemed right.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give unto you: The Friday Blitz.

First up, I've soften my Kristen Stewart position recently from "Uh, uh" to "why not" based both on her flippant attitude towards her own franchise and her willingness to do this photo shoot.
So, when E! Online reported that Kristen Stewart is up for the female lead in Wanted 2, I was surprisingly okay with it. First, she's cute. Second, if she wants to try action, now's the time. Third, I could sooooo care less about the integrity of the Wanted series that if they want to cast a talking monkey and Pia Zadora, I'd be able to enjoy it. A quick word of apology to Mark Millar. I thought for sure you were just talking out of your sideways smile about this sequel still being possible after Angelina Jolie departed. Turns out, this time you were talking out of your sideways smile and happened to be right. Mea culpa.

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