Friday, May 7, 2010

Impossibler mission is for the Bird

As I've said many, many times before, I don't care that the haters be hatin', I'm stoked about Mission Impossible 4. They bumped the date back this week to December 2011 (moving just a bit outside of that summer frame), but I don't care. That's not the news that made me as giddy as Tom Cruise tells Katie Holmes she's supposed to feel when he tells her to. No, I'm stoked because Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Iron Giant) is making his live-action directing debut. Ya-boo, baby. That news is sweeter than caramel-glazed cotton candy. Bird has shown himself to be adept at guiding character-based action properties, even if they're animated. I have to say that, as a character, I could give a squat about Ethan Hunt (which is the name of the Mission Impossible lead, for those who have never bothered to even learn or remember that). If somehow Bird is able to blend that goofy action with some measure of substance, even if it's fleeting, we're in for something special. And not "Tom Cruise dancing with Katie Holmes" special.

If you can find the whole video, do yourself a favor and invest the three minutes. It could be the most awkward thing you've ever watched, even if you've overheard a discussion between your grandmother and your mother about lady grooming. Point is, I'm stoked about Mission Impossible 4, even if this post failed to stay focused on that point.

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