Monday, June 28, 2010

Spider-man still not chosen, Don Glover still not screened

I like to believe this Donald Glover for Spider-man movement is bigger than it is. By Dong Lover's own conversations, he's flattered at how far it did get. Hell, Stan Lee acknowledged it, and that was more than enough for DG, who grew up idolizing comic book creators. Stop and think about that for a moment. We're having to try and beg these numb-nutted teenage male douches into considering a role and a guy who is just perfect for it, who has such passion for it, can't get a screen test. Yes, it still pisses me off. I believe the fanboy reaction has been unduly racist but the Hollywood fatcat rationale isn't overtly racist so much as it is "pragmatic." They don't want to court controversy, they want to just make money.

So here's an idea for them: Give him a screen test. "Wait, but Ryan, that sounds exactly like what you were asking for anyway!" I know, that's because I'm a f**king genius. See, all the suits need to do is give him a test and tell the world about it. Whammo, there would be unprecedented publicity for the reboot. Last time I checked, it was a good thing to have free press still, right? I'm not talking about giving him the gig, I'm talking about giving him a very public test screening. Telling fans "we did this for you, because you demanded it" would make them feel empowered and like a part of the process. It would be a chance to make a splash with the casting process in a way they're not going to now. They are demanding it, just check out the awesome art that's still being made:

This whole post came from the fact that Sony is getting real close to naming one of the following people to be Spidey: Jamie Bell, Anton Yelchin, Aaron Johnson, Andrew Garfield, Alden Ehrenreich, and Logan Lerman. Exactly what kind of overwhelming fan response is going to come from "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your new Spider-man: Alden Ehrenreich!!!" Seriously? I mean, yes the Interwebs will fire up with searches for the new lead's name within minutes of his announcement as having the role, but the most intriguing, most talked-about name is the one not mentioned in that sentence. If you give Donny G a shot in the suit, you would satiate the hunger of a vocal minority. You would look classy. You would possibly actually find your Spidey, but that's beyond the point. A guy who loves Spider-man would get a chance to dress as Spider-man and would never forget it. So don't do it because it makes sense, or because it's your best option. Do it because it will make you money down the road from fans who would be instantly supportive after your bold willingness to listen to them. It's not too late to win this one, guys. And don't forget, America: go to twitter and type #donald4spiderman. Let's keep the dream alive.

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