Friday, August 27, 2010

This Mission just got a whole lot more possibler

Things were looking bad for Tom Cruise. Knight and Day did exactly what you'd expect a generically titled, generically plotted, generically directed light action movie featuring a star on the decline and Cameron "I'm-a kill your movie" Diaz to do. Thus, the studio clutched it's collective sphincter at the prospect of Mission Impossible IV, which really needs to be Mission Impossiblest, just to set the stakes high enough. Nevermind my undying love for the third film or the fact that the fourth one already has Simon Effing Pegg coming back and Brad Flippin' Bird directing, two facts that should make everyone want to see it, the fourth film was in trouble because Cruise wasn't star power enough. Enter Jeremy Renner.
Shown here either (A) checking Julia Stiles for lice, (B) coming out as a cannibal, (C) smelling her head to see if she did, in fact, use his conditioner, or (D) about to get slapped, Renner is about to be a mega-star. Between The Avengers and his Hurt Locker buzz, not to mention what appears to be a good turn in The Town, he's poised to be the next male "thing." Hey, if we've given that title to Gerard Butler, there's no reason Renner can't have it. If the rumors are true and Renner is going to play the younger agent Cruise is training, this could be incredible. I don't want him playing the bad guy, even though I can tell he has that edge to him. What I'm trying to say is this: MI4 is going to kick your ass. I'm calling it now. Believe it or Jeremy Renner will lick your face.

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