Friday, September 17, 2010

Double dose of delightful

Every Friday should start with a double-dose of Jennifer Garner news.

As if to celebrate husband Ben Affleck's sophomore directorial effort, the only Jenny from the block I've ever cared about has committed today two projects that I now only want to see because the dollars I will pay to look at the woman above are virtually limitless. Better Living Through Chemistry will force Garner to pretend she's attracted to Jeremy Renner, when she only loves me. Renner will play a guy who hates his life and Garner will have sex with him. And there's painkillers and other pharmaceuticals involved. It's basically like a "Jersey Shore" adaptation, only Garner is no Snookie (in that she is a regular-sized, non-syphilis carrier).

The second film...sorry, two films, two pictures.

The second film is far more generic. In The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Garner will play the role of "Mother." It's about a prodigy or something, but it kills me that these are the sorts of roles this talented actress is stuck with. Honestly, she's got something special, even if you don't find her to be a physical goddess, which she unquestionably is so don't say that in front of me or I will inflict violence. If you saw Juno, you know she is just as good playing nuanced, subtle roles as she is kicking ass like in "Alias," the absence of which still haunts me. Anyway, Jenny G news times 2 today, so celebrate!

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