Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red hot for Snow White

First, this rumor comes from Pajiba, and they are roughly as accurate as cupping your ear in Omaha and trying to overhear a conversation in Denver. Second, I don't really care, because this rumor involves:

Third, what is with all the "dark fantasy" business? Actually, scratch that. I have a theory that it is for ladies and some men what stupid sci-fi or action movies are to dudes and some women. So, I'll allow all of this.

Pajiba is reporting that Jean-Pierre Jeunet (as if you couldn't tell by that name, he's obviously Indian) is circling the Brother's Grimm version of "Snow White" with even vaguer rumors that Nat-Po is also considering the gig. This pairing is so perfect for the material that it just feels totally fake. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I get to see the picture perfect Nat-nat running around with dwarfs that promote Marxist ideology, but I have this feeling like I will never be mentioning this again.

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