Monday, July 27, 2009

San Diego Comic Convention thoughts....FROM A GIRL!

I should start this by apologizing to young Tessie, who is a beautiful and talented girl whose reputation I besmirched by posting a picture of her where she is, fairly obviously, making a funny face for dramatic effect. It was just wrong of me to suggest that she makes such faces routinely, especially after she sent me the information below. I mean, if she made that sort of face so often that there were many, many photos of her doing it, that would be one thing, but to represent her as ALWAYS making that face based on one image is just irresponsible.

Remember, Tessie, I kid because I love. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get punched for that.

Anyway, the lovely lass did a bang up job providing me with some inside reporting from the con. Here's some highlights of what she had to say below:

  • She starts with some praise for the new post-apocalyptic flick: "I don't know if it's too late to send you some more detailed info but here it goes. The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Mila Kunis, looks freaking' sweet...the chemistry between Denzel and Gary is amazing just from the few clips that I saw."
  • Tess also suggested that she may have fun with the new Cameron Diaz movie (The Box): "Although Diaz totally butchers a Texan accent...the plot is very complicated, involving a man that leaves a box on Diaz's porch, he returns and tells her if she pushes the button on the box, someone she has never met will die and she will receive one million dollars each time she pushes the button." She suggests that Richard Kelly's direction is on point and that the film looks pretty...and so did Diaz, who is also pretty stupid: "Diaz gave away the ending. She said the people who gave her character the box were ****** and they were ****** *******." That info was censored for your safety. If you really want to know, I'll tell you.
  • Tess also seemed intrigued by the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, noting "From the brief teaser I saw, it seems to be an interesting adaptation from the original. They said they didn't tell the same story, but do reference the old movies...The old Freddie Krueger will NOT make a cameo." Regarding Jackie Earle Haley's performance, she's pretty confident. "He is going to kick ass." She does suggest that there's more actual horror in this one and less, and this is Tessie's words here: "poofy stuff. It could be great, but does have potential to be a Prom Night flop...since it is a remake.
  • Some things are just a guarantee: "Where the Wild Things Are is going to be amazing.Director Spike Jones worked hand-in-hand with the author of the book to make a movie that is going to stay true to the book but add more adventure; it will show what Max did on his adventures. The creatures take Max on a tour of his kingdom and build an elaborate fort/airplane/boat playhouse made of trees and rocks."
  • Love Tess's to-the-point Jonah Hex take: "Josh Brolin is going to be a total freakin' badass. John Malcovich plays the antagonist and will more than likely deliver. The main challenge will be Megan Fox, she's on screen with two amazing actors and she plays a hooker so...yeah. She has a raunchy sex scene with Brolin, so she may just be T&A like she was in Transformers." I'm going to guess that's pretty accurate.
  • Tess also appears to have a girl crush on one of my most beloved actresses, Rachel McAdams, as she sums up the new Sherlock Holmes as follows: "Downey Jr. and Jude Law do well and the amazing Rachel McAdams plays the love interest. From the crowd's response, it's a must see."
  • In summing up the Tim Burton efforts: "9 is going to be a Burton-esque animated film. It is the feature film directorial debut of Shane Acker, but he was under the wing of two cinematic geniuses. The main challenge for this movie is that it's a PG-13 adult, animated film so they it keep audiences at bay." She's seen "exclusive clips and is a HUGE Tim Burton fan; this movie looks amazing."
But, by far, Tess's biggest experience at the con (and everyone's major critique) involved the following. Enjoy this tale of woe:

This is a true story that happened to me. The Twilight fans were horrible. Everyone at the convention who wasn't a Twilight fan complained about them the whole time. They almost ruined the comicon for everyone. Girls had been camped out for the THURSDAY Twilight panel since MONDAY. I wanted to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland panel, but 8500 Twilight fans kept me out. From what I heard from people who got in, the people in front were Twilight fans and didn't give a rat's ass that Tim Burton was there and would rather see Robert Pattinson than JOHNNY MOTHER F***ING DEPP!!!! But anyway, here's my story. At the Summit booth, I spun a wheel and won the TWILIGHT PRIZE PACKAGE, which included a "Limited Edition Twilight Gift Set" and two tickets to an EXCLUSIVE showing of Twilight (the cast was going to be there so it was a big deal). Only 3000 tickets were available, and they sold out 30 seconds after going on sale. After I won the tickets, I picked them up from the booth; the girl giving out the prizes handed them to me and said (this is a direct quote): "Hide these. Girls are going to try and kill you to get these tickets." Scary shit, I know. My younger sister and I waited in a line that went FOUR BLOCKS to get into the showing. While in line, we had a discussion with a 38-year-old mother who only brought one daughter because she "just had to go and see the vampire!" I also witnessed women well over the age of 40 wearing shirts that said "I Heart Boys Who Sparkle" and "I Love Edward Cullen" Robert Pattinson should be very afraid when women who could be his mother are in the same building begging for him to bite their necks. After waiting in line for four hours, it was time to enter the theater. The minute the cast came down it was chaos. I was almost trampled to death by crazy 14-year-old girls just so they could get a picture of Robert Pattinson going down a freaking escalator. Girls even said, "I can't believe I saw Edward going down the escalator!" After that pandemonium, I was then hassled by women showing off Twilight Barbies (the Edward doll has glitter on it so it sparkles in the sun) because I was too close to the display...and by too close I mean girls were shoving me into it. Once we got into the theater, my sister and I sat in the middle of the front row so we would get the closest view of the cast members. Note: We did this not because we wanted so terribly to get a good view, but because we wanted to stick it to the lunatics who kept us from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. The cast came out (it wasn't Edward or Bella, it was Emmet, Rosalie, and two new the girls in the theater didn't even applaud); they answered questions and were very pleasant, even though 2/3 of the room looked like they wanted to eat them. After the movie started my sister got up to try and use the bathroom. Security then yelled at us and told us we couldn't go because "The talent was still in the building and told us if it was such an emergency we could leave." So my sister and I walked out, only to find more crazy Twilight fans still waiting in line to get into theater.

Now, say what you will, that's one brave girl. I particularly like the part where she stuck it to the fans by sitting in their spot. Nice work, Tessie. I almost feel bad for posting goofy pictures of you...almost.

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