Friday, August 7, 2009

Ryan's Junk Drawer

I really don't know how I'm going to top yesterday's blog post (right down there) with a faux Megan Fox using the phrase "open dumpage," but I'll throw a bunch of items from this old junk drawer here at it. This week has seemed pretty dead for the most part (really, really not a John Hughes joke), and it seems as though everyone is dragging (even the rumor mongers). So, bear down Chicago Bears, I'm going to stretch these bits of tid as far as I can.

1.) John Hughes is dead and nobody younger than 28 cares - What's sad is that the man so deeply understood what it meant to be a teenager in ANY generation, and yet was relegated to the 80s. He wasn't about pop culture references or social commentary so much as he was focused on delving into the emotional turmoil that teens felt, arguing that it was a good thing (reiterated by the clip that all TV segments have been playing for his death, where Ally Sheedy says "when you grow up, your heart dies"). He got how, well, how f*#ked up being a teen was (noting that at that age, feeling sad was as cool as feeling true). Everybody over 27 has a favorite Hughes movie, mine is probably Ferris Bueller, but you could make a case for a few others. What's sad is that, as Bryan Lynch pointed out on Twitter, his most recent work included Curly Sue and three Bethooven movies. So, long story short, John Hughes died and it sucks.

2.) Just because I'm excited for Mission Impossible 4 doesn't make me an asshole - Variety is reporting that Josh Applebaum and Andrew Nemec, a couple of guys who worked on the underrated "Alias," are hard at work on the next installment of the MI series and yeah, jerks, I'm excited. Look, the third one kicked ass and played like a big-budget, bad-ass version of "Alias." It had everything that I want in a spy/action film (including Simon Pegg), so I don't get where the bashing of the series is coming from (other than from people who still think Tom Cruise deserves it...I've decided that 5 years of public verbal whippings is enough, personally). So, yeah, I am excited gosh-darn-it, and I hope that JJ Abrams directs it (even though he won't) and if he doesn't I hope he uses his clout to let "Lost" vet and "Alias" helmer Jack Bender take a crack at it. Don't photoshop a "Team Tom" shirt on me, but I've got my fingers crossed on this one.

3.) "Fraggle Rock" was terrifying, and if you don't agree, you're a monster - If you have been wondering why we haven't gotten a "Fraggle Rock" movie yet, (A) you're a sick bastard and (B) we're going to. According to MTV, Brian Henson (son of the muppets, not the former "Talk Soup" host) is moving forward on the Fraggle front and plans to ramp up the music numbers (oh, goodie, my sleepless nights thank you). He also declares the Dark Crystal sequel still alive, which is the one thing more freaky than the thought of a "Fraggle Rock" movie. Oh, I love muppets, don't get me wrong, but those bizarre humanoids in Dark Crystal and the talking trash heap in "Fraggle Rock" are what I would flash to if I were to use poorly cut acid. So, rejoice sickos, you're about to get two helpings of crazy shit. Oh, and visual proof of terror (the ACTUAL image they ran on the MTV blog, from Dark Crystal)

The Dark Crystal

Yeah, sleep now, jerks.

4.) This one is for my best friends in Chicago, nobody else will care - I mean, I suppose it's possible that one or two of you out there have a sick fascination with Thomas Pynchon like my friends Andrew and Jess, but I doubt it. The dude is a recluse that vomits pretty words of nonsense onto paper and people go apeshit for his stuff. According to, who got it from The Playlist, who noticed an interesting line in the Wall Street Journal’s piece about Pynchon's new novel "Inherent Vice:" “The Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles is handling film rights.” Huhbuhwha?! I mean, for reals? Somebody is going to try to adapt that? How does one even BEGIN to adapt a Pynchon novel (without the benefit of serious antipsychotic medication). I mean...good luck to whoever tries but let's face it, it ain't gonna happen.

5.) It's VoD Day (victory over douches)! - Although I have a friend who knew this information weeks ago and failed to pass it along (harumpf), Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz are no longer TV stars. The douchey duo are out at "At the Movies," which is a good thing. The only bad thing is that there are no plans to bring back Ebert at all (you will one day be judged in hell for this, producers). The new duo is AO (Tony) Scott of the The New York Times and Miuchael Phillips of the The Chicago Tribune (neither one really does anything for me...I mean it, I've asked). They still can't use "thumbs" to review things, as Ebert and Siskel wisely patented that, but rest assured they will find some insipid, pithy way of summarizing their feelings. My feeling: BRING BACK EBERT! Hell, bring him back as some kind of host, just bring him back. "At the Movies" without Ebert is like showering in high-school gym class without shame, it just doesn't feel right.

Okay, that's the news we missed this week (wasn't much, was it), I'll be back with some Haiku box office predictions for you shortly. Until then, try to be productive, the boss is looking.

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