Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Norton may once more nurse at the Hulk's teat

Note to Marvel Films...wait, I guess they aren't really "in charge" anymore after the Disney pick-up. Okay, note to the head of Disney's live-action movie division. Oh, right, that guy just quit, too. You know what, this is probably just for me and the few loyal, intelligent, kind-hearted, virtuous, attractive, well-endowed, special people who read this blog anyway (that's not kissing up, I truly love you). So, if any of you could pass along this message to the makers of The Avengers, it would make you even sexier. The Hulk needs to be the villain in the upcoming superheroic cluster-frak that The Avengers will be. Not only would it work neatly into the material you've already established on screen, but I think it may allow you to convince Ed Norton to come back. See, right now, Ed Norton is on the fence (not literally, that would be painful), as demonstrated by his MTV interview wherein he doesn't quite confirm, deny, or laugh about coming back for another go at ole saggy green boobs so much as he suggests he needs a reason. Howsabout squaring off against Robert Downey Jr? That's a good reason. Ed's a good actor, even if he seems like a category 5 D-bag in most interviews, and I liked The Hulk a lot. It was pretty much spot-on Hulkage, so if you didn't like that, you didn't like the Hulk, which is cool. I'm just saying, if cards are played correctly, Norton could come back, and I think that's a good thing. I realize this is not a lot of info to warrant a whole blog post, but people aren't doing anything interesting today and it's not my fault.

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