Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things You Should Buy Me: Volume 2

Welcome to another installment of Things You Should Buy Me. I'm your host, the guy who wants this stuff, and you represent the people who should buy it for me. Let's get right to it. You'll want to take some time right now to find your wallet or purse.

The Office (Season 5)

Still a consistently funny show all these years later and one of my favorite things to put on in the background while performing some kind of menial task, like cooking two lasagnas in one night like I did last night. Oh, yeah, I rocked that effin' kitchen and now I have enough starchy pasta goodness to eat all week long. Anyway, there's a deluxe edition, which you really don't have to spring for unless you want to, because I'd be good just getting this. You can buy it at Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-mart, or any other place where you selfishly shop for yourself while not buying me anything.

Cool "Lost" Art Stuff


There's been a series of ongoing "viral" (noninfectious) art pieces made available for "Lost" and I haven't asked you for a single one. Reward me by going to at 11 am CST today. They're only $50 bucks and this one is SUH-WEET. They are limited to 300 prints, so you're going to have to move fast. I'd go to the site now and just wait a few hours so you're ready. Seriously, even cartoon Kate is hot. Did I say that out loud?

Cocktail Chemistry Set

I don't have a ton of parties (shocking, I know), but when I do, I would love to serve and mix booze in a set that looks like this. Seriously, how cool is that?! You don't know if I've given you a Sex on the Beach or a Sucks You Drank Bleach! Fantastic. You can get this sweetness at So, do that.

Also, you still haven't bought me this:


More cool stuff as it is produced.

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