Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes, I want another Indiana Jones movie

Okay, there, I said it. You know why I want another Indiana Jones movie? Because I like Indiana Jones. So sue me. I liked the last movie (didn't totally go nutso for it, but really did enjoy myself...nuking the fridge aside). More than that, I want the series to go out on a high note. We nerds need a win. After the Star Wars franchise has been dragged through more mud than a Louisiana swamp, after the constant remakes and reimaginings and reboots and whatnot, after the Internet has turned all of us (me included) into drooling hate mongers who want to do nothing but chirp and deride, it's time we had something from our past that we love turn out good. Yes, there's this problem to deal with:

Yes, there's the fact that they are using George Lucas as the primary story writer still. Yes, there are hurdles to be climbed, but dammit I want to believe again! I mention this because last weekend Harrison Ford and Karen Allen both independently noted that the fifth film was moving forward. They had cracked the "Macguffin" (or irrelevant artifact) that they will be searching for, and the scriptwriting was happening. I'm going to hold out hope. I am! Against all odds and evidence, against the title waves of people saying "oh, God, the last one sucked," I'm going to be the lone voice of optimism. There it is folks, there's what sets this little blog apart: This is the place that's stupidly excited about the next Indiana Jones movie in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

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