Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Box Office Results: A photo-finish!

Rumor has it that these numbers may be slightly tweaked by the day's end in a way that could rejiggle the order. I don't care. This order most benefits me, and I always use the projections. The box office has been on absolute fire this spring, which just goes to show you that the next time you hear a recession is coming, it's the right time to invest in a mediocre movie that appeals to all demographics. Anyway, here's how the weekend went, haiku style:

1.) Date Night - $27.1 million (Accuracy of prediction - 96%)

I love Tina Fey.
And Steve Carell is cool too.
I'm happy for them.

2.) Clash of the Titans - $26.9 million (Accuracy of prediction - 99.5%)

An ungodly drop,
but it was so expected.
A "one and done" flick.

3.) How to Train Your Dragon - $25 million (Accuracy of prediction - 92%)

This is doing well.
Yay "lack of competition."
Release a kid's film!

4.) Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? - $11 million (Accuracy of prediction - 91%)

I have some questions,
beyond the title of this.
Like why was this made?

5.) The Last Song - $10 million (Accuracy of prediction - 92.5%)

Were this title true,
and this was Cyrus's last...
I'd be good with that.

Overall accuracy of prediction - 94%

Do you see that score?!!!!
This is easily my best.
I want to retire.

Okay gang, that's it. Happy Monday to ya. Have a good one, make it through, and remember that tomorrow is "Lost."

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