Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Slow News Day (Volume One) - The Twi-kids are riiiiiiiich

First off, some housekeeping: I'm going to my cousin's wedding on Friday, so no bloggity blog blog for you that day. Second, today's news is all lame. Everyone must be on summer vacation because nobody is doing anything of value to write about at this point and time. Lo siento, but I can't just make up the news. I'm not Fox. Third, my bug bites that I got for celebrating our country throwing off the shackles of British colonialism really itch. That doesn't really have so much to do with anything, but they do and I wanted to share.

Moving on, as you know, I have begun softening my stance on one Ms. Kristen Stewart.
While everyone else wants to blast her surly, aloof demeanor and reticence to fully invest her heart into the Twilight saga, I have grown to think she's (A) absolutely gorgeous, (B) kind of funny, and (C) staying true to herself while raking in about a bazillion dollars. Case in point, news broke yesterday that the three leads are going to pocket between 25-41 million dollars for making Breaking Dawn (or, as I like to call it, Just You Wait and See How Crazy That Stephanie Meyer Loony REALLY Is). That's professional athlete money we're talking about there. This is in contrast to the unknown Andrew Garfield, who will play the new Spider-man for $500,000. I know, I know, it's hard to weep for a man making half a million to dress up like I would be willing to do for free, but still, we live in a world where repeating brain-dead dialogue while lusting after a dog and a shiny vampire gets you nearly $50 mil and playing the greatest hero of all time gets you what Stewart pays for her weed in a year. I can't stand Robert McHomelesslooking and Tayler Tinynips doesn't seem to have any talent whatsoever. Just like I feel like we'll be seeing more of Emma Watson after Harry Potter is finally over, I feel like Stewart is going to have a nice long career. She's not going to have to now that she could just buy Lichtenstein and smoke all of the weed all day with that kind of money, but if she wants to be a successful and respected actress, I think she can be. See, I said something nice about Twilight in a way. Sure, it was about the one you all hate, but take small victories.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know seems like Twilight is awfully dangerous.

It may not be true but I am not going to risk it.

July 08, 2010  

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