Friday, August 6, 2010

Fearless, Flawless Box Office Predictions

Woo hoo! If we're doing prediction haikus, we must be at the end of the week's bloggery! Huzzah! This week's box office doesn't really inspire much fanfare, as Inception finally sulks away from number one, albeit with tons more money than most people (including myself) thought was possible. In it's place comes a Will Ferrell comedy. Oh, the days when that used to mean something. If my guess is right, this will have a nice opening weekend and then disappear. If I were Ferrell, I would be INSISTENT upon Anchorman 2. His career needs it more than anyone else's in that film. I mean, Carrell is a bonafide box office draw now after Date Night and Dinner For Schmucks in the same year, Rudd can continue to make mildly funny rom-coms in which he's the straight man to some wacky other character until the cows come home, and Christina Applegate is, really available. So, make that happen. I imagine that almost all of you will be out seeing Step Up 3D this weekend. Feel free to not mention that to me ever. I kid. But really don't tell me about it if you see it, I want to think better of you. Okay, enough already, let's predict!

1.) The Other Guys - $28 million

Will Ferrell was king
or at least the head jester.
Now he makes this stuff.

2.) Step Up 3D - $21 million

Does this way suck less?
If you see 3D booties,
is the movie good?

3.) Inception - $17 million

You keep going, you.
I may squeeze one more screening.
God I love this flick.

4.) Dinner for Schmucks - $12.5 million

They should know better.
Other Guys is targeting
the same demo. Duh.

5.) Salt - $10 million

Quite respectable.
Not particularly great,
but respectable.

WILDCARD - Despicable Me - $9.5 million

A nice little run.
Actually, not so little.
$200 million!

Okay, that's it for today. Be good. Be productive. Be lazy this weekend!

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