Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Ryan knows Jack!

Warning, this post is written about a Ryan about a character named Jack Ryan and features a director named Jack. If you're still with me, good for you it wasn't that complicated. The evolution of Jack Ryan is shown here:
You start out with early 90s Alec Baldwin, infused with the wild sexuality of a mountain lion on viagra, far from calling his daughter a pig on her voicemail and getting to touch Tina Fey on the regular. Then you go to in-his-prime Harrison Ford, back when he could still run and jump like a girl and act surly without appearing to be a grumpy old man. They you have Ben Affleck who had yet to be remade by sharing a bed with Jennifer Garner and had yet to discover his true life calling was directing. Finally, you have the new Jack Ryan, Chris Pine, who was supposed to blow up like a Klingon sex bomb after Star Trek and instead has not done anything. Well the big announcement now is that Jack Bender, who directed the best episodes of "Lost" and "Alias" is going to likely direct Moscow, the prequelicious return to the spy series. I say huzzah. Why? Because it's more fun to say than "cool." Also, because espionage movies are the shit. Salt is killing it right now and isn't anything special at all really. It's just good fun with international intrigue. I liked Jack Ryan at every single point really, so huzzah to his fourth resurrection!!

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